What is basenfasten?

What is basenfasten?

The basic idea

basenfasten - die wacker-methode® was developed by the Wacker Family from Mannheim, Germany in 1997. It was developed as a course of treatment for detox and relief. Since then, it was developed further and optimized in decades of practical experience.

basenfasten is the voluntary renunciation of acid food, so mainly animal proteins and corn, for a limited time.

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basenfasten in a hotel

Work, grocery shopping, cooking and the typical workday stress is too much for you? For that, we trained and certified special basenfasten Hotels. They provide the basenfasten experience in the original way of basenfasten - die wacker-methode®. Let your basenfasten course become an experience of health and well-being in our basenfasten Hotels.

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